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Loggerhead Marina - Why Dock Your Boat at Marina versus Trailer?

Video explains the benefits of docking your boat at a marina vs trailering it each time.
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Floridians know that boating can be great fun the wind in your face a day to get out on the water but where you keep your boat can spoil the good times in a hurry. Boaters with trailers endure endless hassles such as crowded public boat ramps and expensive ramp access fees. Then there are the perils of getting your boat in and out of the water by yourself or with the family waiting patiently or not. A private dock can be a headache to sitting in the water your boat is a feast for barnacles. general maintenance is often neglected which you eventually pay for at the most inopportune times and with a boatload of money. After a while your boating weekends become less fun that's why loggerhead marina is the perfect solution to bring back the good times. by storing your boat with us you eliminate all the hassles of trailers and private docks and cut down on the high costs associated with boating. Loggerhead marina offers plenty of dry and wet storage at 12 marinas for boats of all types and sizes you'll enjoy first-class storage and dockage with all the convenient services you need to keep your boat shipshape and ready to go. whenever you are best of all dockage at loggerhead is very affordable in fact it's less expensive than the typical costs for trailers or a personal dry dock plus our hurricane rated dry storage facilities are built to withstand the nastiest Florida weather. That means peace of mind that your boat is well protected year-round you'll have access to all 12 loggerhead marinas including amenities services and dockage all for one affordable monthly fee. think about it how do you put a dollar amount on the freedom to save time and have more fun all while keeping a better eye on your boating investment. well we can help, let's talk.

Loggerhead Marina at Palm Beach International Boat Show 2013

Video showcases Loggerhead Marina particpating at the Palm Beach International Boat Show.
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Loggerhead Marina in the 2012 Palm Beach County Boat Parade

Video showcases the Loggerhead Marina Grand Marshall Boat in the Palm Beach County Boat Parade.
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